How to Make Cosmetic Packaging Design More Personalized

Packaging design

Packaging design is a systematic project, which requires scientific and orderly procedures and methods to obtain successful packaging and to obtain maximum benefits when the product is put on the market. Only by grasping the packaging strategy of accurately positioning the product, successfully interpreting and expressing the product through the packaging, and perfectly combining the packaging design with the corporate marketing concept, can the design be done with ease.

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01. Color

Color is one of the most visually striking elements of expression, and it is also the most striking artistic language. In the long-term accumulation and feeling of life, color has produced various emotional associations in people’s psychology. The color of the packaging should not only express the quality and attributes of the product, but also touch people’s aesthetics and arouse people’s beautiful associations, so as to express people’s personality.

Research on the functionality, emotion, and symbolism of color, and fully mobilize the sense of color (vision, taste, smell) to meet the preferences of different enterprises and different consumers.

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02. Graphics

Graphics are an indispensable element in packaging design, such as hand-painted, photographed, computer-made, etc. It expresses consumers’ requirements for the ideal value of commodities with the implicit meaning of graphics, so as to promote consumers’ psychological association and affect people. emotions and arouse the desire to buy.

Although the abstract graphics have no direct meaning, if used properly, the tea packaging can not only have a sense of the times, but also be ethereal. Therefore, the forms used in the graphic design of tea packaging can be eclectic. Different graphics convey different product information. As long as the graphics are cut into the attributes of the product, it can fully reflect its unique cultural taste and artistic personality, making it unique.

03. Modeling

Carton is one of the main forms of modern packaging. It has geometric type, mimic type, fit type, cartoon type, etc. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages:

① Geometric type is the simplest shape in the box-type structure, which is simple and simple, the production process is mature, and it is easy to carry.

② The mimetic type is to imitate the shape of a certain thing in nature or life to make people associate and resonate emotionally.

③ The fit type refers to the use of common elements to skillfully combine two shapes, which can exist independently or closely related to each other, adding a lot of visual fun.

④ Cartoon type refers to the use of some cute cartoon or comic images for modeling design, full of humorous and happy atmosphere.

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Due to the plasticity of paper, a series of technological procedures such as cutting, tying, folding and gluing can be used to make the packaging present a rich and varied structure through clever design.

04. Material

In addition to the ingenuity of the box-shaped structure, material is also a major factor in expressing the individuality of modern packaging. If the color, pattern and shape are more visual expressions, then the material of the packaging is to convey the personality factors in a tactile way, showing the unique charm.

For example: on paper, there are art paper, corrugated paper, embossed paper, gold and silver paper, fiber paper, etc., in addition to cloth, ribbon, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, bamboo sticks, metal, etc., These packaging materials with different textures do not have any emotion in themselves, but the light and heavy, soft and hard, light and dark it presents will produce different visual feelings such as cold, warm, thick and thin, which makes the packaging rich Stable, lively, elegant and noble temperament.

For example: cosmetic gift boxes are often made of high-grade gold and silver paper, with simple graphics and text, reflecting the characteristics of nobility and elegance; some wines are packaged with ceramic technology, reflecting the origin of wine culture, and some wines The box is packaged in a wooden gift box, which has a simple and rigorous personality, and even individual wine packaging is made of special materials such as leather and metal.

How to Make Cosmetic Packaging Design More Personalized

05. Application

The original purpose of product packaging is to protect, with the intensification of commercial competition, packaging has the role of beautification and publicity. Modern packaging is a multi-factor, multi-level, three-dimensional and dynamic system engineering. It is the unity of art and technology. It guides the consumption concept of the market, and shows diversification and fashion in form and function. Personalized packaging is not only a concrete manifestation of the combination of consumer psychology and design thinking, but also meets diversified consumer needs and greatly improves the added value of products.

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